Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 5, Sunday, August 28, 2016 - In Seattle

Another chilly morning, cloudy and only 60 degrees.

The girls didn't come back until early this morning and are moving slowly.

The wedding guests were invited to brunch at Andy and Sarina's house in Shoreline, WA, about half an hour north of where we are staying. Even on a Sunday morning the traffic on the I-5 through Seattle was very slow - can't imagine what it is like during rush hour - not likely anyone is "rushing".

Andy and Sarina's house is in a quiet neighborhood and they have a nice backyard with fruit trees and a vegetable garden. The apple trees are absolutely covered with ripe apples as is the ground below - we are so jealous as we haven't gotten any apples in years due to the squirrels. Dave Noone's sister-in-law made quiches and other dishes for the brunch, along with smoked salmon and turkey. It was nice being able to visit with the other guests in a less formal setting.

At Matt and Neesa's wedding a year ago at the Noone's house in CT, they had a bonfire around an old apple tree which just left a small charred stump. Betty had Dave cut the stump off and ship it to Andy and Sarina as a gag wedding gift. They made a bonfire around the remains of the stump which should be fully consumed this time.

The girls were not up for coming to the brunch and relaxed at the apartment until we got back in mid-afternoon. It was chilly and occasionally sprinkling so we stayed in and read most of the afternoon.

Amy found good reviews for the Seattle Fish Company which is about a mile from the apartment. The girls walked down and when they got there called us to drive down. The seafood was very good - I had large grilled sea scallops which were very tender.

After dinner, we drove back along the shoreline around West Seattle. There were beautiful views of the Olympic mountains across the bay.

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